23 June 2015

Great Expectations

Joint Monitoring visit to UHCW

By Alan Kan, MB ChB student

We live in a time of digital media and high speed connectivity. The ideas of an individual can quickly become the knowledge of the masses, and the voice of the quiet minority can be amplified through all levels of society. It is through such a medium whereby the intricacies of complicated processes can be better understood, hopefully through a transparent lens.

The new curriculum is now ending its second year, and within the melting pot of student emotions are those of the 1st years, currently sitting their summative examinations. Ahead of them is the prospect to mingle, learn, and work within the frontline of the NHS, alongside the professionals who are dedicated to patient care.

Whilst the students receive some guidance on what to learn, how can there be reassurance that consultants and others are following the curriculum and offering high quality teaching, whilst also supporting Joe/Jane Blogg’s growth in confidence and competency as an aspiring doctor?