25 November 2015

On the other side of the fence!

By Dr James Gill

WMS Alumnus and Academic Clinical Fellow

Being at WMS is a bit like having a virus… where you spend four years fighting as the medical curriculum infects and finally takes over your life. You are constantly buying tissues to try and stem the flow of knowledge that seems to pass into your ears before seemingly running, unhindered, straight out of your nose.

Simultaneously you are trying to get your exhausted body to jump through the hoops and requirements for progressively more difficult clinical examinations. The ordeal, the hardest four years you could imagine, finishes, when you finally rally and break the fever that is Medical Finals. With your graduation, and your immunity to the medical school complete, you move out onto the wards as an FY1.

The problem is that, a bit like having recovered from chicken-pox, you seem to have cleared the infection, but there may still be a few viral remnants lurking in a dormant ganglion! Viral remnants that begin to awaken as you battle the stresses and strains of being a junior doctor.